Kiba is the beautiful wife of Kumba and is always there to prevent Kumba from making a complete fool of himself. Without her Kumba would be flat on his back more often than you can imagine. But besides that, like Kumba she is an adventurous character who is not afraid of any challenge that might stand in her way. Together, Kiba & Kumba are the most awesome Jungle couple ever!


Kumba is the beloved King of the Whimsical Woods and a strong and funny, yet sometimes a little childish leader. He is as clumsy as he is adventurous, which is a rather dangereous combination now and then. When he is around, something funnyis most likely going to happen. And sometimes then, even a strong Gorilla like Kumba needs the help of Kiba and their friends of the Jungle.

Dr. Slipp van Ice

Dr. Slipp van Ice is the evil villain and antagonist of Kiba & Kumba. Well, he is not really THAT evil, but he tries his best. Normally he is just in a really bad mood and tries to take over the world occasionally. But since he is not even able to gain power over this little island, we seriously doubt that he will ever be successful. He is some kind of genius, but maybe lacks the real skills of a modern villain to become a real threat to anyone. We like him, to be honest.


He is Dr. Slipp van Ice’s right hand. He is big, he is strong and, well, a complete half-wit. He is at least twice as big as any other penguin, but unfortunatly thrice as dumb. And unlikely and very unfortunate for a penguin, he is always cold. That’s why he wears a bobble hat. He is not really a big help for Dr. Slipp van Ice’s plans, but somehow he manages to be his favourite penguin.


The freshest and slickest monkey in town. You will always notice him right away, because he has never been seen walking around without his golden headphones. It’s all about the music and looking extraordinarily cool. He mostly doesn’t realize, when someone is calling him, because his music is way too loud. On the other hand, that’s the reason that all the other animals already hear the music from his headphones, before they even see him.